Fatina Daher: A Talented Chef to Follow on Social Media

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Known for her volatile kitchen demeanour and exceptional Lebanese cuisine, Fatina Daher is arguably one of the most famous chefs in Lebanon, the Arab world and Africa. She learned all kinds of culinary arts at CIS College to pursue her culinary dreams.

Being passionate about cooking, the chef spent endless hours soaking in the sights, sounds and aromas of her kitchen, mastering an array of traditional Lebanese dishes. 


She gained her popularity through her Instagram accounts where she dishes out some authentic recipes in easy to follow videos using different languages. The humble talented chef shares her culinary world and advice and answers viewers’ questions.

Fatina Daher is a chef on the “Al Youm Alfa OSN” channel, and a presenter on the “YawmiYati Mag” website, in addition to her participation in the “Be Tahla Al Hayat” program on the LBCI channel. Not to forget that she is also an ambassador for Kitchen Aid Lebanon, Taj Best Food, and Poul Dor. 

Chef Fatina Daher is so active. She always participates in annual campaigns with Maggi Arabia and Puck Arabia. She has also worked with many international brands such as Elle ET Vire and Dettol. She has published a new modern cooking book “Fatina’s Recipes” which includes more than 40 modern delicious recipes in two versions ( Arabic & English languages).


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