The Hairstylist Hussein Safwan Warns Against the Excessive Use of Hair Extensions.

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The Lebanese hairstylist Hussein Safwan revealed, in an exclusive interview to our website, the widespread negligences that some stylists make in hairstyling, most of which are at the request of the customer herself ends with disastrous results and can be risky to reverse.

 In this context, he explained that changing the colour of hair directly and hastily from opaque to radiant exposes the hair to damage and fatigue that cannot be handily treated, so the customer must be knowledgeable of the solemnity of this matter for her hair.

 Regarding hair extensions, Safwan warned against using them continuously which can cause damage to the scalp and breakage of the hair they are attached to leading to hair loss – a feature no woman wants.


From here, it’s crucial to make sure the stylist has experience with the kind of hair extensions you’re using, and with the method, they’re using to attach the extensions. Safwan also warned that customers have to return to the salon at regular intervals to have the extensions removed and replaced, and need to take a break from the hairpieces if they’re causing damage to a person’s hair.


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