Entrepreneur Mohammed Alnuaimi: Diversity in Investment is a Prerequisite for Achieving Profits

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 Investment primarily aims to achieve financial profits and attain returns within a specific timetable, but the most prominent dilemma that youthful investors may face is the investment of funds in one sector, which may have malicious repercussions on the investor.

 In this context, entrepreneur Mohammed Alnuaimi explains that investing in one area curtails the investor’s chances of avoiding losses due to the absence of the possibility of compensation, noting that diversification in investment is the decent way to achieve high rates of financial profits.

 Diversity in investment, according to Alnuaimi, guarantees the investor the possibility of compensation in case of a loss, which enhances his capacity to proceed in light of the constant presence of purchasing power. Mohammed stresses that diversification in investment means investing funds in numerous districts and not in multiple companies within the same field.

 Mohammed provides some examples about the most notable fields available at present, where the substantial estate sector comes to the fore alongside e-commerce, as well as buying shares in companies within different countries and investing in tech companies such as Google, Apple and Tesla, in addition to the field of cryptocurrency which is recently dominated. Mohammed also draws attention to the necessity of research in the fields of Metaverse and NFT.


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