Vera Matta: A Nutrition Expert You Should Know

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Inspiring and energetic, Vera Matta is an internationally recognized nutrition expert on gut-friendly diets and research, feeding you with the latest fad-free health and nutrition news. Matta is a registered nutritionist and fitness specialist, with a PhD in Behaviour Nutrition and a PhD in Clinical Nutrition. She is the founder of The Sweet Diet Clinic in Lebanon.


 With an incredible passion for good food and wellness, Vera Matta has remarkably made her name over the past years as one of the promising nutrition experts and the most successful and accomplished in Lebanon and the Arab world.


 She has taken part in many beauty pageants where she was a member of the jury in the Ceremony of Election of Miss Lebanon 2019 and the Miss World Top Model 2020.


 Dr Vera is prominent in her field, she is the face behind some of Arab’s most famous bodies, and her philosophy just might change everything about the way you eat, keeping abreast of all developments in the arena of adequate nutrition to follow the decent techniques and distinct systems to procure high physical fitness as soon as possible.


 On the other hand, Vera Matta appears as A Tv presenter in the “Your Health” program where she brings her valuable nutrition knowledge to deliver effective and accurate nutrition communications that appeal to all types of audiences. It is broadcasted on different channels and various social networking sites and achieved high rates of views.


 It is worth mentioning that you can meet Dr Vera in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai.


 To follow the official account of Dr Vera Matta on Instagram:


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