Fatina Daher Reveals Innovative Ways to Store Food for Ramadan

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As the month of Ramadan approaches, women try to start the preparations for the holy month early to enjoy its spiritual essence.


In this context, Fatina Daher, known as Fatinas_recipes, revealed through her Instagram account many tips to help housewives to store foods healthily and safely, so they remain valid for a long time, which saves time and effort during fasting.


Fatina pointed out that you should refrigerate or freeze any fruit or vegetable that’s been washed and cut for safety reasons. Store washed and cut food in a plastic bag or sealed container to preserve its freshness and limit its contact with air.


 Fatina Daher pointed out that we can also store seasonal fruits such as strawberries, mango and pineapple, in addition to different types of vegetables, by placing them in plastic bags after washing, cutting and then keeping them in the freezer, which will save us time to prepare juices or salads and others before breakfast.


About preserving grape leaves, Daher said that the housewife can sort them without changing their taste or even smell and maintain their nutritional value. As a main dish on Ramadan, you can prepare the grape leaves and fill them as you want, then arrange them in plastic cans in an orderly manner and put them in the freezer after you control the closing of the cans and do not take them out until use. The same process can be done with kibbeh and various kinds of wafers.


It is worth mentioning that Fatina recently assigned an exceptional section on her page to teach cookery in recent ways, as well as unique and innovative methods of cutting, mixing and serving.


On the other hand, Fatina Daher is preparing to launch a group of delicious and healthy food recipes through her page, at a lower cost in line with the deteriorating economic conditions in Lebanon and the neighbourhood.


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