Hairstylist Hussein Safwan Reveals the Secrets of his Success

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Hussein Safwan is a Lebanese hairstylist; he started his career early, worked hard to become what he is now, one of the most significant women’s hairstylists in the neighbourhood. Safwan’s eighteen-year-old career was spent working, innovating and travelling from one area to another to detect the latest trends in hair styling and colours, in addition to the intimate alliances he ascertained with beauty experts and elite ladies. 


About the secrets of his success, Safwan asserted that patience, persistence and perseverance are essential for achieving any goal, personal or professional. The patient man who perseveres to achieve what he hopes with his determination builds the foundation of his success with firmness and strength. Not only that, we rarely find anyone who looks after the minor details in his endeavour, knowing that this notoriety is one of the prominent pillars of the prosperity of any business. 


On why he chose this profession, hairstylist Hussein Safwan confirmed that his passion led him to choose this career, as he always yearned of becoming a brilliant and successful hairstylist. Despite his successive achievements, he still aspires to accomplish more and more, his ambition is boundless. 


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