Businessman Hamada Elsaeed Discusses the Most Important Factors for Real Estate Investing

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Real estate investment is contemplated as one of the vastly profitable types of investment, due to its low hazard and steady cash flow, primarily with the increasing population. Anyone who invests in real estate can guarantee that real estate prices will increase over time.

 In this context, our website had the opportunity to meet one of the most prominent businessmen in this field, Hamada Elsaeed, and discuss with him the most significant facets of success in the arena of real estate investment.

 Elsaeed pointed out that the location of the property is the most fundamental factor to ensure earnings in the field of real estate investment, as the property’s proximity to markets, transportation centers, green spaces, and highways plays a role in evaluating the property price.

 On the other hand, Hamada deciphered that determining the goal of the investment is also a key factor, as not defining apparent goals for the investment leads to unexpected consequences, including financial stumbling, so it is essential to determine the goal of buying property, where the goal, for example, is to buy for use  Self-employment, saving the price of rent, and others may want to buy a property for rent.

 In conclusion, Hamada added: “The investor must set expectations for numerous types of profits, including the expected cash flows from renting the property, and the expected increase in the intrinsic value of the property, as a result of long-term price increases.”


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