“Graffiti” Jewellery has Launched a Special Collection

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“Graffiti” jewellery stands out as one of the most distinguished brands in the world of jewellery, with long experiences and professionalism.

 From here, our website had the opportunity to meet Sevag Kokan, CEO of Graffiti Jewellery, and discuss with him the designs of the Armenian brand.

 In this context, Sevag Kokan said that the leading idea for the Gravity collections came to express the adventurous woman who is looking for complicated things and who wants to enjoy jewellery in various places so that she appears distinct in the evening dresses or with everyday clothes.

 Jewellery is an ample world of imagination characterized by beauty and creativity, which always preoccupies women, who always want to wear high and elegant jewellery, which makes Graffiti a destination for many noblewomen.


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