Meet the multitalented awardwinning singer songwriter and model lizan dizaye

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lizan loved to sing since she was a child. After winning an award in 2003 during the high school Pop Idol Contest in the Netherlands , Lizan also got crowned miss high school . She also won a medal in badminton and skating competitions . After a few years , Lizan joined the Dutch X – Factor and she was spotted by the Dutch Getty Image , and also other Dutch magazines , Lizan got featured on Vogue Challenge and Fashionmagazinenyc as the cover girl and on many other magazines like Cover Magazine , Salford Magazine , Icon Magazine and Claire Magazine . After a short while , it was stated in the press that the Dutch artist Lizan collaborated with the American artist Famefaiella & the German producer Johnlamp on their new song ” Vibes ” Lizan posted on her Instagram on February 8th , and stated in thisis50 and Medium Magazine that she and Famefaiella & Johnlamp have got a masterpiece on the way and according to Press News the upcoming collaboration was going to be something special . Soon fans got excited so on February 10th , Lizan , John & Jame posted their first short video snippet of their song ” Vibes ” on IG and on 19th of February they posted another short video saying that ” Vibes ” will be out on Spotify on 04 -3-2022 and in all other stores & platforms . The short video went viral on Instagram , fans started to ask for more and ask for the release date of the full song . So on Friday ( 04-3-2022 ) Lizan , Famefaiella & John released ” Vibes ” , the full song on Spotify , Deezer and many other 3 Meet one of the most talented artists : Lizan Dizaye , awarded singer , songwriter and model Ⓒ gr 54 % i ge platforms and it soon reached thousands of streams . After a short while , Lizan got featured on the most famous billboard in Times Square NYC . Vibes full video version release is out now and reached over 200k on IG . On Spotify it reached over 200k streams . ” Lizan Dizaye ” who is a famous singer , songwriter , model , climate activist , wfpusa ambassador & beauty – pageant award winner reached over 300k followers and fans on IG . Lizan also collaborated & worked with iconic artists like Famefaiella and many other esteemed artists . Lizan stated in magazines to her fans ” Never give up on your dreams , you live once so work hard and your dreams will come true . She released ” No Time for Love ” , pop – rap song ” Golden Gun ” and ” Ever After ” plus ” Ever After Remix ft Johnlamp Fckngnoise ” , followed by ” No Time for Love ” a dance electronic SONG ft ” tom bensheim ” and many others . After Lizan released ” Vibes ” ft . Famefaiella & Johnlamp , the song went viral . ” Vibes ” is available on YouTube , Instagram and all other platforms and her new songs are coming soon . Lizan always grows organically on social media that’s why she is highly respected and has become a popular celebrity ever since . Other celebrities also support her , especially on IG she is popular for being a multi talented artist . In addition to singing , she is a photographer , storyteller , a passionate environmentalist and climate activist , wfpusa and sandcloud ambassador , quote writer and a model influencer . Lizan’s new song ” Moonlig ht ” ft . Traeballin is on the way and more songs will be out soon . Stay tuned.

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