Gun control in the US: Which celebrities are for and who are against?

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Steve Kerr and George Clooney have spoken out against gun ownership

A woman hands a state trooper a bouquet of flowers.
A woman hands a state trooper a bouquet of flowers.AP

The latest massacre in Uvalde, Texas, puts the debate about gun ownership in the United States back in the spotlight. The shooting provoked by Salvador Ramos has once again silenced society and the use of guns among the American population is becoming more and more divisive.


Joe Biden, President of the United States, once again criticized the “gun lobby” after hearing the news. Although the truth is that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms, which is applied by a great part of the citizens.

However, many personalities show different opinions regarding this issue. And in this article we review some of those celebrities who are in favor and others against the right to bear arms.


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Who are in favor?

Several personalities, especially from the world of movies and Hollywood have confessed to be in favor of this right or even carry guns in their daily lives.

Some cases are surprising, such as that of Brad Pitt. He even stated in the Daily Mail that he needs to have a gun in his house to reinforce his security. Whoopi Golbert also claimed to be a gun owner in a talk with Stephen Colbert on television.

In addition to Pitt and Golbert, other famous performers such as Clint Eastwood or Robert de Niro also claimed to believe in the right to bear arms. Although the latter in the New York Post also stated that he believes in gun control if the owner is not responsible and carries it illegally.

Other music personalities such as Eric Clapton said he felt comfortable using a gun and that it had also influenced his increased social life, he told Contact Music.

Who is against it?

Other celebrities have also shown their disapproval of the use of guns. One of the first to show his rejection was Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr after the end of the NBA playoff game against Dallas Mavericks. But he is not alone.

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Writer Stephen King, as well as singer Selena Gomez, showed their rejection on social media. As did the Kardashians on their respective official accounts.

They lead a list that also includes other people associated with the world of culture, such as actors George Clooney and Elijah Wood or singer Miley Cyrus.

In any case, the debate continues to grow in the country, with opinions in favor of one argument or another.


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