Dr. Rami Abadi Provides Local and International Training on Botox and Fillers

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Allergan Medical Institute has organised a number of conferences and seminars around the world to highlight Juvederm fillers, with a wide range of participation of doctors and cosmetic experts.


In this context, Dr Rami Abadi is participating in this global tour as a trainer, as he has recently published through his official account on Instagram, photos and videos documenting his experience in Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan.


 Dr Abadi’s was a speaker in a conference in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, alongside Top doctors aiming to exchange knowledge and experiences. The title was about the Power of Confidence. This conference came after Dr. Rami’s presence in Romania, where he also met professional Injectors and shared his experience in approaching the Beautification patients by focusing on Lip enhancements, and discussing the Juvederm range of Fillers.


On the MENA level, Abadi has presented a symposium to more than 100 Doctors, a Live Demonstration, in addition to a Hands-on workshop in Morocco. Dr Rami has also presented a lecture and Live Demonstration on the Lower Face Enhancement of male patients in Jordan.


Dr Rami Abadi is constantly present in the United Arab Emirates within the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Ivorian capital Abidjan, in addition to Beirut, the Capital of Lebanon and Tyre.


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