A Splendid Ramadan Evening in Dubai, Signed by Versace Hotel…

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In the presence of an array of distinguished celebrities and social media influencers in the Arab world, the Versace Hotel held a Ramadan Suhour in ”Hikayat Ramadan Garden”  in the Emirate of Dubai in an enchanting atmosphere inspired by the holy month.

During the Suhour, the Egyptian Arab star Ahmad Saad performed a variety of his old and recent songs. In addition, the attendees celebrated the birthday of the Lebanese superstar Walid Tawfik, who in turn expressed his great merriment with this unique atmosphere and thanked his fans, family and fellow stars who showered him with their compliments and wishes. 

The Suhour ceremony was also attended by the CEO of Palazzo Versace Hotel and founder of Palazzo Hospitality Monther Darwish, along with the superstars Nisreen Tafesh, Loujain Omran, Shiraz, Lilia Al-Atrash, Diana and Haya Karazon and others, who expressed their joy of gathering after two years of on-and-off global lockdowns spent largely in isolation due to the Covid- 19 pandemic and stressed the importance of such gathering and experiencing the collective cultural joy that feels more pressing than ever.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab heritage atmosphere dominated the evening where the sumptuous Emirati Dessert ”Luqaimat’‘, along with the flavorful Syrian Ice Cream “Bakdash” and the luscious Egyptian beans” Foul Mudammas” topped the scene, in addition to myriad Ramadan spiritual performances. The guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet of mouth-watering dishes and fruity drinks while listening to peaceful music that soothed their ears.

The Suhour was an incredible opportunity for an array of notable celebrities to meet and celebrate the enchantment of Ramadan. The Versace Hotel has announced that it will continue to hold such prestigious evenings, including Iftar and Suhour, throughout the holy month of Ramadan.



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