Dr Ahmad Jbara: What Is A Sinus Lift and What You Need To Know About It

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With ageing, the physiology and function of the nose change. The nose lengthens, and the nasal tip begins to droop due to the weakening of the supporting cartilage and the absence of teeth.


In this context, Dr Ahmad Jbara pointed out that when performing implant treatment, a specific thickness and size of bone are needed, and when there is sinus prolapse, there may not be enough bone in the place where the implant will be placed. Then, surgery should be conducted to add bone in that area, which is known as a sinus lift.


The bone is placed in the area between the maxillary sinuses (which border both the left and right side of the nose) and the jaw itself. Of course, the face is a confined space and so to make room for this additional bone, the membrane of the sinuses is moved upward, which is where the term “lift” comes from.


The duration of the operation varies between half an hour and an hour, while the ossification takes between 4-6 months to complete to achieve the goal of the technique, which is to form the bone with the required density and size to enable the implant to fully adhere.


Dr Jbara stressed that the period after this type of operation is very significant. Follow-up appointments with the surgeon are indispensable to make sure that the growth and healing process are going according to plan. Any misstep in following the doctor’s recommendations may lead to a decline in the success of the operation, antibiotics and medications must be used, as well as put ice as recommended by the oral surgeon.



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