Tobacco International Inc. pauses product sales in Russia

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In light of the current international sanctions imposed on Russia, American multinational company Tobacco International Inc. has stopped selling all of its products in the country. 

The Delaware-based corporation recently announced the suspension following the escalation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as several other companies are pulling out of Russia. Major businesses, such as Apple, Google, and other Western giants from different industries, are boycotting the Russian market.

“Our company has decided to take this step in regards to the Russian invasion and the devastating humanitarian situation of Ukrainian citizens. We morally deem the withdrawal of our services necessary at this point. Thus, we have completely suspended our commercial activity and services all over the country, making all of our products unavailable for purchase,” declared CEO & Founder Atef Hazime.  

Sanctions are curbing major companies’ ability to operate in the country, from supply chain to product shipments disruption. The list of multinational companies cutting ties with Russia is increasingly growing amid the international pressure to take a stance against the invasion and show solidarity with the Ukrainian people.





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