Businessman Hamada Elsaeed Talks about Arab Brain Drain

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In 2019, the Arab Labor Organization reports estimated that the casualties incurred by Arab countries annually are at least 200 billion due to the migration of their experienced and gifted people abroad.


In this regard, businessman Hamada Elsaeed emphasized that recently the most significant incentives that led to the migration of proficient Arab people are lack of appreciation in their homelands, the meagre salaries they receive, and the lack of interest in scientific research.


In a related context, Hamada elucidated that this dilemma contributes to widening the gap between Arab countries and others at miscellaneous economic, social and political levels, which reflects negatively on the capacity of Arab countries to develop, and limits their human potential.


On the other hand, Hamada also considered that the Arab countries should provide the appropriate environment for scientific research, creativity and innovation for their scientists, safeguard their intellectual rights and patents and provide work vacancies for their distinct specialities.


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