This Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Odder Trailer Is Proof Our Childhood Is Over

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Timmy Turner is all grown up and no longer needs Wanda and Cosmo in the trailer for Paramount+’s Fairly Oddparents: Fairly Odder. See a preview here!

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While Wanda and Cosmo appear unchanged by time, the same can’t be said for Timmy Turner.

The pre-pubescent boy viewers grew up with on Nickelodeon is apparently a student at Princeton now. Viewers got a glimpse of the live-action version of Timmy in a Fairly Oddparents: Fairly Odder trailer, which dropped Wednesday, Feb. 23. In the video, Timmy wears his usual red baseball cap, jeans and a red shirt. This time around, however, the tee is emblazoned with the name of his alma mater. 

And while he makes an appearance in the preview, Timmy is no longer the focus of the beloved series. No, that role goes to his cousin Vivian “Viv” Turner (Audrey Grace Marshall), and her new stepbrother, Roy Raskin (Tyler Wladis)—not to forget Wanda and Cosmo.

Fairly Odder follows Viv after she and her father, Ty (Ryan-James Hatanaka), move to the town of Dimmsdale, home of Doug Dimmsdale’s Dimmadone, to be with Roy’s mom, Rachel Raskin (Laura Bell Bundy). “Once there, Viv’s cousin, Timmy, entrusts his fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo to help her adjust by taking her under their wings,” according to Paramount+’s description.


Together, Viv and Roy make wishes and bond, hopefully enjoying guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries and chocolate shakes in the process.

And while there are numerous references to the O.G. series, like the “poof” sign in Viv’s room, there’s no mention of characters like Trixie Tang, Mr. Crocker or Vicky, who were fan-favorite villains. Instead, it seems they were replaced by Viv and Roy’s best friend Zina Zacarias, played by Imogen Cohen.

But if it’s any comfort, original actors Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris will still voice Wanda and Cosmo respectively.


To see if Fairly Odder is anywhere as good as the original show, watch all 13 episodes when they begin streaming on Paramount+ Thursday, March 31.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to listen to music to get the theme song and “Shiny Teeth and Me” out of our heads.


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