Global Brand Rebel Reveals Exciting Partnership with Moroccan Artist Nouaman Belaiachi

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Global Brand Rebel recently announced its new partnership with the sensational singer-songwriter Nouaman Belaiachi. The Moroccan megastar has a strong presence in the Arab music scene, considering he’s one of the most prominent artists in the industry.

In this regard, Belaiachi is now an official partner for the brand in the region. This news comes after Rebel Inc. teamed up towards the end of 2021 with Spanish-Moroccan Football star Zouhair Feddal, the international brand ambassador.

The new partnership came to light through the launching of Belaiachi’s new music video “Goulo Lhabibi” in which the Rebel energy drink appears.

The signing of this notable partnership is the upshot of a close relationship that Rebel CEO & Founder Atef Hazime and Belaiachi share.

“By teaming up with a distinctive, brilliant artist like Belaiachi, we are leveraging Rebel’s presence and image in the Moroccan scene. Through this unique partnership, we hope to expand our Rebel family in the region throughout 2022,” stated Hazime.

You can check out the new music video on YouTube by visiting the following link:


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