Who is Dr Ali Herz?

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Ali Herz, a Lebanese dentist who’s been widely known in the cosmetic dentistry world, since he successfully achieved an impressive start to his career in a short time, that caught people’s attention to him, hence he made himself a special name in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

 Dr. Ali Herz, a specialist in cosmetic dentistry and implants, besides his competence in the field of prosthodontics, he graduated from the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University in Ukraine, to start his career in Lebanon.

 Dr. Ali is considered one of the most efficient dentists in Lebanon, as he holds a career full of successes and accomplishments, in addition to years of experience in Lebanon and Ukraine, thus many people visit him.

 Moreover, he provides great service and treatment alongside modern and advanced technologies, which gives his patients every necessary treatment they need to feel comfortable.

 And of course, we need to mention the tireless work that Dr. Ali does, seeking to keep up with all developments and technologies in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He constantly dedicates himself and his time to acquaint the latest medical researches around the world.


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