Celine Dion seriously ill? His Entourage Restores the Truth about his Worrying Weight Loss

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In the columns of Parisian, Sunday, February 6, 2022, the relatives of Celine Dion came out of silence to restore the truth around his state of health. If many rumors report several serious illnesses, they assure that it is not so.

What is Celine Dion suffering from having to cancel many dates of her international tour? The singer, however, thought she had been clear in explaining that she suffered from “severe and persistent muscle spasms“. Only, since she took the floor, on January 15, 2022, to announce the cancellation of the North American leg of her tour. Courage, because of persistent health problems, rumors abound. In the columns of Parisian, Sunday, February 6, 2022, the relatives of the international star are also out of silence to restore the truth. “Two years of pandemic obviously had an impact on her, as on all of us.. She, who has been working all the time since the age of 12, suddenly had to stop everything and stay cloistered at home. From there to say that she is burning out, it’s nonsense“, thus confided a relative of the singer.

It is Celine Dion’s impressive weight loss that raises questions and worries. Only, for his relatives, it is not the consequence of a serious illness. “She does not suffer from cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, as we have read. Céline has had a digestive problem for a long time, and this one causes muscle spasms but also weight loss. On her, which is already not thick, it shows.”

Celine Dion must follow a “draconian diet”

But according to Celine Dion’s entourage, the disease from which she suffers “does not matter” and “does not require surgery“Celine Dion just needs to take care of herself and rest. She also needs to follow.”a long medical treatment and a draconian diet“. To get back in shape and while waiting to be back on stage, she must take advantage of her loved ones and her children.


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