Dr Vera Matta: Obesity is on the Rise Worldwide and It Raises Concerns because of Its Adverse Impacts

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Obesity is on the rise worldwide and it raises concerns because of its malicious outcomes on people’s health physically, socially and psychologically and on the sustainability of current and future healthcare systems. 


 In this context, and after accomplishing many remarkable and qualitative results in the field of weight loss, the clinical nutrition expert, Dr Vera Matta, has become a prominent name in the arena of healthy diets, as Matta succeeded in achieving impressive results in this regard after her patients were able to lose more than 10 kilograms in just one month within a well-thought-out regimen set.


 These results and others have made Dr Vera a destination for numerous obese patients in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, as Matta is located in Elborno Center for medical and cosmetic clinics within the Emirate of Dubai.


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