Nutritionist Reem Daher: Steps for Successful weight loss

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Obesity is an increasing, global public health issue. In an attempt to lose weight, many people turn to visit a nutritionist or follow an online diet. Obesity is not an apparent problem related to the human external appearance only, but it has innumerable damages that harm human’s health and exposes him/her to high blood pressure, high and low cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, joint and chest ailments and many other.


In this context, the nutritionist, Reem Daher, provides her clients with the service of subscribing to an online diet. Reem states that obese people may encounter many hurdles, perhaps the most significant one is their incapability to follow up with the nutritionist on an ongoing basis, especially if their time is tight, which does not allow them to do so. This service can solve this trouble. 


It is worth mentioning that the “Online Diet” service, which is given by the dietitian “Reem Daher” is not adequate for everyone, as it is not apparent to give a diet randomly, far from knowing all the information related to their age, health condition, rate of increase in weight, percentage of fats, salts, fluids, protein and burning rate whether they are male or female.


 The dietitian Reem Daher has a big number of subscribers to this type of diet as it includes individuals from distinct countries across the globe such as India, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, America, Canada, Africa and Lebanon.


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