Hamada Elsaeed: What Real Estate And Football Have In Common

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Football is not, or is no longer, a simple team sport to be played in the context of one’s private life. It becomes a social, political, economic and diplomatic issue as businessmen have contributed to changing the features of the game and imposing new rules on the most famous sport throughout history.

 In this context, the name of the Egyptian businessman Hamada Elsaeed stands out as one of the most important contributors to English football in general and Egyptian football in particular. Over the past years, Elsaeed has worked with the most professional Egyptian stars in the English Premier League in terms of business management, including interviews and advertisements, in addition to securing apartments in the British capital, London.

 Hamada has succeeded in employing his experiences in the field of real estate for the benefit of prominent Egyptian and international celebrities, as his name has become well known in this field due to his exceptional achievements in the last decade.

It should be pointed out to the great efforts made by Elsaeed to expand his chore circle continuously in the centre of the capital, London, to keep pace with all the developments in the country.

 To follow the official account of the Egyptian businessman Hamada Elsaeed via Instagram:


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