The Desert Rose: One of the Biggest Weddings in Qatar 2021

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Le Mariage company stands out as one of the most promising companies toiled in designing and organizing wedding festivities in the world, providing high-quality services according to lofty standards of wedding preparation in an integrated manner with attention to all details. Desert Rose was the company’s delinquent project to celebrate a huge wedding in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The inspiration of the wedding project Desert Rose came from the National Museum of Qatar. The architecture of the building represents a dramatic yet mesmerising flower-like aggregate consisting of mineral crystals over thousands of years. This complex structure is created by nature itself from sand, wind and sea, and is called a desert rose. 

Mohamad Ghayad, Founder and CEO of  Le Mariage always strives to create a design that uses every inch of space unifying art and architecture in unique and unusual ways. The process of creating this wedding design starts up with amassing the inspiration and gathering ideas from the hefty picture down to the smallest elements to fulfil the vision of our client.    

In the Desert Rose project, the ceiling art installation comprised of multiple three-dimensional layers of PVC arranged in complex patterns resembling the shape of a Desert Rose. Each layer had unique measurements and had to be placed in a specific area on the ceiling structure, which made it one of the most difficult ceiling installations.

Ghayad chose a parametric modelling style for the artwork of walls embracing the entire area. Hundreds of vertical pieces were standing one by one resembling the landscape of the desert. It was critical to calculate the exact measurements of the curves on each piece to create flowing desert-like waves running across the walls, which emphasized the conceptual idea. 

This is how Ghayad transforms the idea of the desert rose element into the grand royal wedding design masterpiece. He mentioned that with each project, he tries to push his limits and bring something unique to the wedding industry. he also assured that anyone can come up with the idea but if you want to make it happen it takes courage, especially when it hasn’t been done before by anyone else.

Ghayad asserted that since the main element of the wedding design was a desert rose it was exactly what he chose to create for the ceiling part. The art installation that he came up with consisted of multiple three-dimensional layers of fabric, each cut and arranged in complex patterns forming the shape of a Desert Rose.

Every single project he executes has its own story and spirit. He needs to create more than just a design, but the experience for his guests.


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